GIR's Extra Life Charity Event Haiku

I may not have managed the full 24 hours, but I did the best I could; there's always next year!  As per tradition here are the results of my feeble attempts at producing Haiku for some of the many games I attempted to enjoy through out the event. The goal was one game and one Haiku an hour but, due to the nature of certain games this, wasn't always possible. I present the results in no particular order:

Twenty four hours
My Everest Awaits me
Twenty four games high

Shadows of Mordor
Autumn trees shedding
Ruins haunted by cold winds
Uruks fall like leaves

Civilization: Beyond Earth
Far beyond the stars
Evolve quickly to survive
Humanity fades

Dead State
Survival instinct
Safety is an illusion
The Dead rule this land

Defense Grid 2
Must maze more quickly
Brave defenders of the core
Steadily Failing

Sails billow Windward
Hull overflows with riches
Pirate life suits me

Warmachine Tactics
Machines march across
Smoky blackened battlefield
Grinding gears bleed oil

Wasteland 2
Repelled Robot Hordes
Desert Rangers Save the Day
Pride of the Wasteland

Prison Architect
All Seeing warden
Cold steel imposes Order
Packed in Like Sardines

Shadowrun Dragonfall
Running in shadows
Samurai fears no Dragons
No risk no reward

Sunless Sea
Searchlight flickering
Nightmares glide through deep currents
Oceans of madness

Red Warrior Starves
Worthless good for nothing Elf
Shot the food again

Invisible Inc.
Whispers of footfalls
Clueless guards know nothing of
Ghosts emptying Vaults

Pinball Fx2
Streaks of steel lightning
Flippers fire furiously
High score elusive

The Red Solstice
Howling storm bears down
Countless Rookies claimed by the
Red Solstice of Mars

Marvel Puzzle Quest
Cascading colors
Concentration critical
Comic book mayhem

MLB14 The Show 
Fenway's Champions
World Series swept flawlessly
Red Sox Redemption

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