Whether you're a cosplay veteran, an eager-to-learn noob, or just a fan of awesome costumes, we have something for you. Check out the procedurals and discussions that have been featured on the blog, or venture over to our Facebook, G+, or Pinterest pages to access our photo albums or check us out on Instagram to peek at pictures of costumes-in-the-making. Don't hesitate to buy cheap articles to improve your timetable. You can find more examples at

Aayla Secura
Procedural for the vest, belt, headpiece, and wraps
Body Paint lowdown
All About Lekku

Dr. Mrs the Monarch (The Venture Bros.)
Procedural for the Costume

Henchman (The Venture Bros)
Procedural for the Costume

Mara Jade Skywalker
Procedural for the Costume

Procedural for the green scale suit (or catsuits in general)
Procedural for Red Lantern Mera

Procedural for the Costume

Red (Transistor)
Wigs and Colored Contacts
Dress and Bodice

Steampunk Hawkgirl
Tutorial for the corset
Tutorial for the feathers
Tutorial for the leggings
Tutorial for the mace
Tutorial for the utility belt
Tutorial for the wing harness
Tutorial for the wings part 1
Tutorial for the wings part 2
Tutorial for the Worbla pieces (gauntlets, breastplate, boot guards)
Wing Fundamentals

General Cosplay Discussion

A Cosplayer's Manifesto
Building Your Cosplay Lineup
General Cosplay Makeup Run Down
I'm a Grown Woman Who Plays Dress Up
PAX 2013
Sucks to Your Unrealistic Standards (or How to Avoid Convention Trolls)
The Do's and Don'ts of Commissioning 
The Do's and Don'ts of Convention Cosplay Encounters
The Final Countdown
The Mighty Cosplay Lieutenant

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