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You do a lot of these Q&A type things. Why?
Eh, they're more interesting than bullet points, but are often just as succinct. They help readers troubleshoot things like recipes and various crafting projects quickly and effectively. Plus, they're fun to write.
I see these names in the headers, GIR, Elder Gias…Who are you people?
There are presently three of us who write the majority of the posts here on the Care and Feeding of Nerds. You can read about us and how this whole website came to be over here. Occasionally we’ll feature posts by guest authors, but those are almost always titled as such in their headline.

Why do you write about some shows/movies/books/conventions/games, but not others?
Honest answer: because we're just three people. As much as we'd love to cover all the things, we physically don't have enough time to give each item the attention it deserves. We'll do full write-ups on things we've actually experienced, but try to cover everything else in the weekly aggregate post, This Week in Geekdom.

The reviews that get posted here are all so positive. Don’t you ever write negative reviews?
Oh we definitely do, just not very often. The internet is already chock-full of negativity, so we’re not keen on adding any more. Our tagline is that the Care and Feeding of Nerds is a virtual haven and that’s precisely what we’ve tried to build. More often than not, we practice exclusion rather than excoriation. If something really sucks, you probably just won’t see it mentioned on here. 

That being said, if we feel we can provide value in giving people a warning about a product or experience, we will. Also, we don’t shy away from discussing difficult subjects, but those posts really aren’t reviews per say.

Do you come up with the recipes featured on the blog?
Most of them are the results of Kel's kitchen lab experimentation. Those few that aren't are usually adaptations that Kel has made to someone else's protocol for deliciousness. When she writes about the latter, you'll always see a mention of the original source.

Do you actually make all the costumes featured on the blog?
Kel makes as many of the components of each costume as she possibly can and she talks about why she tries to do so right here. However, sometimes it's just not feasible for her to to make a specific item (she'll always say so in the procedural). 

Will you review my game?
We'd be glad to. Check out this page for all the options we offer game developers looking for feedback on their projects.

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