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Gias Games: Tonight You Die

Tonight You Die (TYD) is not a game; at least it's not a game in the manner in which I define games. TYD is a walking simulator. I can't even call it an interactive narrative, as there's no narrative, and the only interaction is you walking around the environment. The experience is so short, that I can't help but "spoil" it, with my description.

Tonight You Die was created Duende Games, creators Victim and N0C1iP and it's is available for free (or you can name your own price) on Windows, OSX and Linux. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

The experience starts off with a foreboding letter which enigmatically states, "Tonight You Die". You drop the letter to find yourself in a very dark, very dense, city-scape. There is a lone lamp post over a set of stone benches. All around you is darkness with vague outlines of some of the surrounding buildings barely discernible. Choose a direction and start walking.

As you make your way through the darkness, you find other bastions of light accompanied by modern-esque sculptures. Your footsteps echo through the vacant urban surroundings, there is no other sound, not even wind whipping through the terrain. As you explore the dark city-esque (again) environment, eventually you will start to hear the creepy music pick up. The music will turn into voices and other disturbing sounds as it progresses. Eventually, the sounds will catch up with you, and (apparently) you will take a bullet in the chest and fall to the ground in your own blood. Experience over.

The whole thing takes about ten minutes or so. It is a bite-size horror experience.  It is so small that I can't really give it a recommendation, there is just so little there.  It is creepy, it is unsettling, and it is free.  That should be great for a horror enthusiast, but it is such a small "bite" that there is nothing more that one creep out for about a minute and then it is over. Feel free to give it a go if you are interested.
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