PAX East 2015 Coverage

In just over 12 hours we'll start bringing you live coverage from PAX East 2015.

Serenity is ready to go (but apparently cats aren't allowed at the BCEC)
The GIR and I will do our best to update all of our social media in real time, but the most up-to-date feeds are likely going to be on our Twitter and Instagram accounts (the latter of which is updated live in the widget on the right-hand margin of the site). Also, tomorrow marks the site's first official appearance at a convention. We'll be part of a panel titled "Your Game is Broken: Giving and Getting Useful Feedback" (we'll be in the Arachnid Theatre along with our companion panel, "Birthing Your Board Game").

As always, we'll put together a comprehensive wrap-up post after doors close on Sunday. Come say hi if you see either the GIR or I!

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