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Happy weekend everyone! It's been a busy, but excellent couple of days here at the Care and Feeding of Nerds that have been chock-full of board games. All the board games! We're going to be bringing you tons of content on up-and-coming games in the very near future, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can enter our contest to win a copy of XCOM: the Board Game

Ok, are you back from entering the contest? Awesome. Now let's get down to the week in geekdom!


All of the Episode VII concept art that's been made available to the public collected in one article.

Neither Patrick Stewart nor Sir Ian McKellan will appear in X-Men: Apocalypse

Weird Al Yankovic will voice the Dollmaker in Batman vs Robin.


The evolution of the controller in one comprehensive photo essay.


Galaxy NGC 6861 was discovered 189 years ago, but this week the Hubble Space Telescope gave us our first up-close-and-personal view. Turns out that NGC 6861 is a galaxy unlike any other we've seen before.

Why are giant celestial entities like our Sun made of light elements like hydrogen and helium, but small entities like our Earth are made of much heavier atomic stuff? Here's the science (and the answer). 
Image Source PsyOrg

There are at least two more large planets lying beyond Pluto.

What exactly allows for one planet to be capable of supporting and producing life is one of the most vexing questions for theoretical physicists. The new edition of Science Bulletin contains this new theory that seeks to solve that conundrum. 

NASA, the ESA, and MIT teamed up with a Dutch artist to produce the first quantum art exhibit. Oh, and the exhibit took place in space.

Would-be real life Tony Stark/budding James Bond villain Elon Musk wants to extend the reach of the internet into space. Something that may prove useful in that endeavor is an improved interface for a quantum internet.

Speaking of Mr. Musk, here is a breakdown of the latest Falcon 9 rocket test, which Musk's SpaceX considered successful despite the fiery explosion.

When Einstein met H.G. Wells.

British neuropsychopharmacology professor David Nutt claims he has developed two new drugs that aim to change some of the most pernicious social impacts of drinking alcohol. One of these pills claims to eliminate hangovers.

On Friday President Obama declared that the makers of both smart devices and messaging apps should provide law enforcement agencies with a way to break the security encryptions on said platforms, marking his first public stance on matters of digital information privacy. This, of course, may not come as a surprise after the White House decreed that no legislation was necessary to ensure neutrality of the internet.

The latest edition of Analytical Chemistry contains this research concerning the development of temporary tattoos that would allow diabetes patients to monitor their blood glucose levels without the use of needles.

Google Glass is dead (sort of).

Meanwhile, Apple's quest to compete with GoPro cameras got a huge boost, in the form of a new patent, this week.

The phrase 'tempest in a teapot' is often considered a metaphor, but, for physicists, it describes a mysterious phenomenon that causes 'waves' to appear on the surface of hot liquids. A team of Japanese researchers may have gotten to the bottom of this proverbial storm.

According to a new study, published this week in the journal Science, the gap in gender participation in some academic fields may be attributed to a collective social bias.

General Awesomeness/Feats of Nerdery

Dillon Markey, an animator whose credits include Robot Chicken, put together this brief but excellent documentary about the infamous Nintendo Power Glove.

Check out this heartwarming story about a boy receiving a 3D printed arm designed by savvy volunteers and presented to the boy the 501st Legion.

An interesting factoid for all you binary speakers out there: the year 2015 is a binary palindrome and will be the last of its kind until the year 2047.

What does it look like after an iceberg flips over? Well, like this.

As always, best wishes for an excellent week ahead!

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