Party On! It's Our Birthday!

It's absolutely insane to me that it's been three years since a burst of post-PAX productivity resulted in the Care and Feeding of Nerds. Even crazier is just what's happened in the three years since that day. Just in the time since this same point last year we've reviewed nearly 30 video games, finished 4 costumes, made 6 different types of noms, and got to have a hand in 4 crowdfunding campaigns. Add to all that a few movie recaps, our annual game-a-thon to raise money for sick kids, some new crafts, new books, and plenty of board games and it'd be a pretty busy go of things.

But that was only the beginning of what we got to see unfold in the past year.

This year we partnered with the Game Makers Guild, covered three conventions and spoke on our first panel! On top of all that, some of the biggest changes stemmed from our transition from a one-person blog to a full-fledged website. There are now three of us creating content in this corner of the internets, plus help from the occasional guest author. We have a beautiful interface courtesy of the talented KayLuxeDesign and our own domain. Happily, all those efforts seem to be paying off (or at least give me an excuse to make graphs!).

The best part about all of this has been getting to watch the community that's sprung up around this site change and grow. Last year I was thrilled to see that 100 people followed us on Twitter and 600 did the same on Pinterest. As of the time of writing, we have over 600 Twitter followers and more than 1,400 fellow nerds digging our pins on Pinterest. We've also grown over on our Facebook page to nearly 100 likes and we've really enjoyed expanding into both Instagram and Steam. I say it every year, but it definitely still holds true: watching this growth is a profoundly humbling thing.

We've gotten to meet so many new people and reaffirm connections with veteran readers. It's been an absolute privilege to work with you as you design your games, make your costumes, or just saying hi on one of our social media pages. You guys are the best and, because you deserve the best, we'll continue to give you the highest quality content in the days to come.

Here's to turning 3 and to many more happy years ahead! Happy birthday Care and Feeding of Nerds!

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