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Hey guys. It's going to be a very brief post today because apparently Santa felt I needed to be sick post-Christmas. Blech. Anyhow, I'm gonna get down to some tea and soup while you guys get down to the Week in Geekdom!


A team of researchers out of UCLA have some very interesting, potentially radical findings about where exactly our memories are stored. If their research proves accurate, it may allow for lost memories to be restored.

It's a discovery that's capped nearly a year and a half of rapid-fire developments in the world of math, but we may have an answer (or at least a more comprehensive response than what was given for the past 80 years) as to what the largest gap between prime numbers can be.
Source: Quanta Magazine
Meet the NASA project manager who is spearheading a number of massive, high-profile initiatives for the agency. Foremost among these is the recently unveiled ability to 3D print critical items in orbit.

How do you simulate the internet if you're living in a country where such a thing is almost nonexistent? Get creative about how you transfer data. 

In the spirit of the season, I leave you guys with this 8-bit rendition of A Christmas Story. Have an excellent rest of 2014!

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