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Hi guys and best wishes for a happy con to those of you attending C2E2 or Calgary Expo this weekend. Oh convention season; you seem to add more awesome to your ranks every successive year. But, for those of us not currently wandering a dealer hall, let's get down to the Week in Geekdom.


Ever wonder how your favorite cartoons, specifically those with comic origins, make it to the small screen? Giancarlo Volpe, the man behind Green Lantern: the Animated Series, illustrated this response to that exact question. Warning: will make you hate focus groups at least a little more.
Image Credit: LucasFilm


On Friday the LucasFilm committee examining source material for the forthcoming Episode VII handed down its official ruling on what will beconsidered official canon and precisely where the Expanded Universe fits in.


Game Boy turned 25 this past Monday. In celebration of the once highly-coveted handheld, here are 25 factoids about Nintendo's diminutive hardware phenomenon.

Ubisoft's upcoming sandbox action-adventure title Watch Dogs is slated for release exactly one month from today (for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One). In the run up to the debut, Ubisoft has crafted this interactive ad campaign that allows users to see just how easily targetable they are given the information they make publicly available on Facebook. It's definitely worth giving this a try, if only to see how much you may want to adjust your privacy settings.


Speaking of Facebook, researchers are keen to study just about every possible way the site and other forms of social media impact the human psyche. While it'll likely be decades before any true correlations can be effectively parsed, we'll get to see the body-of-knowledge-building studies in the interim. Like these two studies out of the University of Colorado that seek to quantify and examine the impacts of being unfriended on Facebook.

Last July we chatted about the development of a transplantable bionic eye that would allow patients with various degenerative ocular disorders to see again. Meet Roger Pontz, one of the first individuals in the US to receive a bionic eye.

One week ago NASA announced the discovery of an exoplanet existing in what the scientific consensus believes to be the habitable zone around the planet's respective star. While this is certainly an important observation, the discovery has fostered fresh discussion about the feasibility of Earth being the sole incubator of life in the universe and if that lonely status is actually a good thing.

If we, as a species, wanted to venture forth into the stars and see for ourselves if we, in fact, have neighbors, we'll need craft that have considerably more range than our present offerings. This realization has been haunting the astrophysical community since at least the 1950s, but the ideas presented by these initial would-be endeavorsto deep space continue to shape galaxial travel to this day.

Image credit: NASA

The few months have borne witness to some amazing developments regarding the potential origin of both the known and unknown universe. As a result, we're now privy to some incredible discourse concerning the building blocks of life itself. Example: this excellent breakdown of the role hydrogen likely played in the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang and just where that element is now.

The FCC continues to wage its lobby war against the U.S. Federal Appeals Court in order to re-assert neutrality in the internet, but the provisions they are proposing would create a digital realm that was anything but neutral.

General Awesomeness

 On Wednesday, Shakespearean devotees around the world celebrated (what is believed to be) the Bard's 450th birthday. To commemorate the occasion, the Globe Theater has launched a world tour of Hamlet, during which the associated troupe will literally make all the world a stage by playing a show in every country on Earth. 

Check out this amazing X-Wing light fitting by British designer Benjamin Rice.

I leave you with this fan video reimagining the world of Harry Potter as an 80s cyberpunk adventure. As always, best wishes for an excellent week ahead!

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