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Happy weekend everyone. Here's hoping that you're enjoying a new season, meteorological or otherwise. Things have been a bit crazy for the GIR and I, so fun new bits of nerdery have been especially welcome this past week. So, without further ado, let's move on to The Week in Geekdom.


We're still 2+ years out from the new Star Wars movie(s), but the torrent of speculation seems as though it will continue unabated from now till the 'Coming Attractions'  screen. The latest rumor? This open casting call for what seems like an individual capable of filling out a certain Wookiee costume.

One of the single most anticipated debuts of the new TV season was Tuesday's premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was very interesting to watch the enormous canonical weight that Disney/Marvel has put onto the Avengers storyline go from the biggest of the big screens to primetime broadcast on a major network. Fans of the movies/comics will likely need to adjust a little to the transition in medium, but the pilot was quite promising. If you missed Tuesday's airing, you can watch the full episode here.


Speaking of members of the Avengers, would-be Iron Man  Elon Musk and the rest of the crew at SpaceX oversaw the demonstration launch of their newest space-bound projectile: the Falcon 9 rocket. The upgraded Falcon 9 carried the Cassiope Mission for the MDA of Canada. Want to catch glimpse? Check out the video footage here.

A joint team of German and Greek researchers are determined to bring us one step closer to the Singularity. Meet JAMES, the closest thing we'll see to human-cyborg relations this side of the galaxy for the near future.

A little while back we chatted about CERN and their reactivation of the very first site to occupy the digital corridors of the internets. Well, now, in addition to the reactivation, CERN curators want to re-create the experience of browsing as it was some 20 years ago.

On the subject of the internets, MentalFloss compiled this list of what they believe are the most powerful sites in the history of the web to date. Do you agree?

Friday gave Red Planet afficionados some very exciting news. NASA was able to officially confirm that their Little Rover That Could discovered good old-fashioned dihydrogen monoxide.


Last week we talked a little about the release of Grand Theft Auto V, which may or may not have been something you were looking forward to. If you're in the latter camp, but love crime games, there's this helpful list that brings you some non Rockstar Games alternatives.

An increasing number of developers and researchers are making leaps and bounds in the effort to wed virtual reality software/hardware to the gaming experience. Vienna University hopes to be at the forefront of this push with their new "visualiser" rig that tracks a player's real-life gait and transfers the motion into a game. Full video of this brilliance can be found right here.

Oooh, trackpads
 Valve is keeping up their near-blistering pace of announcements this week with the unveiling of their new Steam controller in conjunction with two other hardware offerings that they hope will comprise the future of PC gaming. 

General Awesomeness

We've all been privy to the not-so-gradual downward spiral that DC's been mired in for the past few years. We've all thought this, but Chris Helmsworth actually says it aloud. It's so, so very true.

As always, best wishes for an excellent week ahead!

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