Prologue: Gettin' Started

The idea of cobbling together a blog has appealed to me for a while but, for a whole host of reasons, I've brushed the notion aside...well, until now. I've managed to gather a melange of topics orbiting a single overarching theme that might be helpful , even entertaining, and more than, say, a digital diary (as has been the fate of all previous attempts at blogging).

So here it is: the Care and Feeding of Nerds.  

Ok, what's this all about? Well, the idea is that the site will be comprised of posts that cover a variety of topics about different facets of nerd life. Ostensibly, food is going to factor in quite a bit and you'll see reviews and tutorials of various kitchen gadgets in addition to recipes for all sorts of nomnoms. The "Care" portion of the title is far more broad and will range from summaries of crafty projects (specifically those related to my cosplay addiction) to nanofiction to synopses of individual games.

Last, but perhaps most important,  will be entries that speak to concepts and trends that define and affect daily life for nerds. We're in the midst of a Nerdaissance at the moment both due to demographic shifts in the nerd population and the fact that media outlets have recognized these shifts and responded in kind. The success or failure of the latter is likely to have a pronounced impact on the former and vice versa due to the miracles of teh interwebs. The intent is not to be another nerd news site, but to provide a space in which to dissect topics that are affecting, or will affect, us all.

That's the long and short of it. Some crafty goodness, some spirited discussion, and a whole lotta yummy food. I hope you enjoy!  

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